GE Refrigerator

High-quality GE refrigerators offer benefits of efficiency without sacrificing features, performance, style, and convenience. Upgrading the look of your kitchen with a new GE refrigerator, you’ll get solutions to real-life needs with GE’s innovative, modern features. You can choose from luxury built-in and freestanding models that mix design and efficiency, including the top- and bottom-freezer models, side-by-side models, French-door models, compact refrigerators, and wine coolers.

GE Dishwasher

The best GE dishwashers are loaded with helpful features from a whisper-quiet operation and self-cleaning filters to built-in food disposals and more. They are powerful and do a fantastic job of washing and drying dishes. You can choose from many design options, including front-control machines with visible electronic controls and sleek and hidden-control style dishwashers, as well as models with customizable panels that blend well with surrounding cabinetry.

GE Microwave

Whether you’re looking for a countertop, built-in, or over-the-range microwave, you are much likely to find the right microwave for your kitchen among GE appliances. There are convention microwave ovens and WiFi connected microwaves. Many GE microwaves are equipped with Scan-to-Cook technology that allows you to prepare your favorite foods exactly how the manufacturer intended with just a scan of a barcode.

GE Washing Machine

GE washer and dryer product line is one of the best laundry appliances to suit all households. Being energy and water efficient, the best GE washing machines are good for the environment. They drive innovation with several smart features like smart detergent dispenser, adaptive water fill according to the amount of laundry, and wireless connectivity with your washer via dedicated Smart-Phone App. Featuring multiple washing cycles, GE washing machines offer perfect cleaning performance to combat all types of soil and care for different kinds of fabric.

High-end GE appliances guarantee you quality design and American craftsmanship. They are designed to simplify your daily routines and keep up with your busy lifestyle.