Miele Dishwasher

High-quality Miele dishwashers are built to last 20 years, and that’s what truly sets Miele machines apart. Being extremely quiet during operation, Miele dishwashers feature industrial-strength cleaning power in each wash to guarantee top-notch results. One of their most impressive traits is their wide range of wash cycle options available even in the base models.

Miele Refrigerator

Any Miele refrigerator combines high-end design, impressive innovations, and inimitable convenience features. Miele refrigerators are designed to keep your groceries fresh in an efficient and well-organized way and contribute to healthy and modern life. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations to accommodate the unique needs of any inspired space.

Miele Washer

Economical and efficient, Miele washing machines impress with low consumption values and offer powerful cleaning performance. They are centered around Miele’s core goal of caring for your fabrics no matter how delicate, heavy-duty, or unique and are packed with advanced features like CapDosing, Intensewash Cycle, Automatic Water Level Adjustment, Detergent Flexibility, and Customizable Programs.

Miele Coffee Machine

All Miele coffee machines not only look stunning with their visually pleasing and timeless design, but they are capable of brewing a fantastic cup of coffee each and every time. Besides, they are the most effortless coffee machines to maintain.

Miele Oven

Miele ovens have large capacities and are designed with the baker and the chef in mind. Miele built-in ovens are available in various sizes to ensure that you will find the perfect one for your kitchen. They are energy efficient and feature automatic programs for over 100 international dishes.

Being durable and dependable, Miele appliances provide inspiration and functionality. They are designed to fit seamlessly in any interior, creating stunning visual appeal with clear, simple lines and matching control panels.