SKS Range

Over the years, SKS has been at the forefront of technological developments in the industry of producing kitchen appliances, including useful and practical ranges. Every SKS range features versatility, increased power, and precision. The line of this kitchen equipment includes seven models with cooktops having six induction or gas burners of different intensity along with dual-fuel ovens, which allow you to cook on a griddle or in a vacuum (sous vide). The specialized coating protects the SKS range from any scratches, and its whole surface is easily wiped and cleaned.

Signature Refrigerator

The newest refrigerators of the brand have the InstaView Door-in-Door® function, which extends the shelf life of products and saves energy. Thanks to it, you do not need to open the refrigerator all the time to know what is in it. After two touches, the mirrored front panel becomes transparent, and the interior light is on. Another useful Door Open® feature helps open the door of your Signature refrigerator when, for example, your hands are full. In this case, the sensor is triggered if you step over the projection on the floor.

Signature Dishwasher

The work of Signature dishwasher is based on many innovative solutions and effective technologies to make your dishes and utensils perfectly clean, dry, and shiny. Thanks to the Power Steam® technology, this appliance performs an excellent job when carefully washing fragile wine glasses and massive greasy pans. Pre-rinsing is not required for Signature dishwashers, and this helps to reduce electricity and water consumption significantly. Also, the use of the eco-friendliest materials and the latest scientific advances in Signature dishwashing machines will satisfy the most demanding needs of customers.