Wolf Range

Wolf produces professional-style ranges for home kitchens, which are built with elegant and sophisticated features and craftsmanship. You can choose from world-class quality dual fuel ranges, gas ranges, or induction range models. There are some subtle style differences among the three series, but all of them feature an iconic, distinctive design with sturdy looks and unmistakable red knobs. Wolf Stove top’s feature combinations such as all-burners, griddle, charbroil grill, French top, and glass electric induction.

Wolf Cooktop

Wolf cooktops feature a sleek, streamlined design and whether you prefer gas, electric, or induction, there is a Wolf cooktop or rangetop for you. Whichever model you choose, you get the professional control from high end to low end that lets you cook with confidence, and ensures delicious results.

Wolf Oven

Wolf built-in ovens are luxury products that are available in many different options and offer solutions for any style and space. The classic E series is noted for smart looks and smarter cooking technology. The M series ovens have innovative features and come in four design styles. There are also convection steam ovens that can prepare almost any dish quickly and deliciously.

Wolf Microwave

Stylish Wolf built-in microwaves are available in drawer, drop-down door, and side-swing models that can integrate beautifully into your kitchen design. There are convection and conventional models with sensor cooking and programmable power options.

Wolf Refrigerator

If you are planning a high-end kitchen renovation, with exclusive integrated refrigerators from Wolf, your dream kitchen can match the unique look of the rest of your home. High-end Wolf refrigerators are known for their ability to preserve food longer than other refrigerators, significantly reducing food waste.

When you purchase Wolf appliances, you are not just buying a range, a microwave, or a refrigerator – you are investing in a long-term lifestyle for the heart of your home.