Gaggenau Oven

These ovens are designed for the heat treatment of food using various modes. The premium line of these devices includes electric, steam, and microwave ovens. The 200, 400, and EB 333 series have many customizable modes, precise temperature control, and an automatic cleaning system. The Gaggenau oven enables both amateurs and professionals to create real culinary masterpieces right in their kitchen.

Gaggenau Cooktop

Gaggenau cooktops not only look flawlessly but also meet even the highest demands of experienced cooks. Models with a unique design of the 200 and 400 series are made of exclusive materials. The Vario line of panels makes it possible to use various cooking methods by the touch of a finger. At K&N Sales, you will find the full range with different sizes, designs, and controls. Our installation team will make sure the new device fits your kitchen flawlessly.

Gaggenau Refrigerator

An extensive assortment of Gaggenau refrigerators allows you to fully complete your kitchen equipment and cook dishes using the freshest ingredients. The right combination of refrigerating and freezing modules will enable you to create many separate temperature zones and exceptional performance due to high quality and advanced cooling technologies. Thanks to Home Connect technology, your Gaggenau refrigerator can be easily integrated into your digital home.

Gaggenau Dishwasher

These useful appliances feature high parameters of spaciousness, low power consumption, and productivity. They have many options for washing kitchen utensils, as well as modes for large and valuable items. The control panel with the TFT display provides eight washing programs and five operating modes. Internal sensors are especially important when your Gaggenau dishwasher works intensively. The use of the natural mineral Zeolite allows effectively absorbing moisture and drying the surface of all items.

Gaggenau Coffee Machine

A fully automatic coffee machine can make your hot drinks with excellent taste. You can also add different ingredients to your coffee according to individual preferences. Special sensors control the grinding degree of coffee beans, maintain the flow of water, and regularly clean the inner part of the Gaggenau coffee machine. You can select several options of color palette for the best fit for your kitchen interior.