Sub-Zero UC-15I

The 15″ panel-ready ice maker, model UC-15I, is designed with precision and functionality in mind. With dimensions of 14 3/4″W x 33 5/8″H x 23″D, this ice maker is compact yet efficient. It requires a door clearance of 18″, making it suitable for a variety of kitchen layouts. Despite its compact size, it weighs a sturdy 117 lbs, ensuring stability and durability. The UC-15I ice maker operates on an electrical supply of 115 VAC, 60 Hz, and requires a 15 amp dedicated circuit for optimal performance. Its sleek design and panel-ready feature make it an excellent addition to any modern kitchen.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Specifications of the 15″ Ice Maker – Panel Ready UC-15I

If you’re in search of an ice maker that is both efficient and compact, the 15″ Panel Ready UC-15I is the perfect choice for you. This model is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen setup, providing an unobtrusive yet highly effective solution for your ice-making needs.

Key Dimensions and Technical Information

The UC-15I measures 14 3/4″ in width, 33 5/8″ in height, and 23″ in depth, making it an ideal fit for a variety of kitchen spaces. It requires a door clearance of 18″, ensuring that you have sufficient space for easy access and operation.

The ice maker is relatively lightweight, weighing in at just 117 lbs. This makes it easier to move and install, adding to its overall convenience.

In terms of electrical requirements, the UC-15I operates on a 115 VAC, 60 Hz supply. It needs a 15 amp dedicated circuit to function optimally. This information is crucial to ensure that your kitchen’s electrical system can support the ice maker, preventing any potential issues or damage.


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