Viking RVMH330SS

The RVMH330SS is a 30″ conventional microwave hood with an overall height of 16 11/32” (41.5 cm) and an overall depth of 15 9/32” (38.8 cm). It operates on an electrical requirement of 120VAC/60Hz, with a maximum amp usage of 1.6kW and 13.0 amps. The oven interior dimensions are as follows: width – 17 1/8” (43.5 cm), height – 8 1/16” (20.5 cm), and depth – 13 13/16” (35.1 cm), with an overall size of 1.1 cubic feet. The approximate shipping weight of the appliance is 71 lb. (32.2 kg).

Additional Info
Additional Info

Features of the 30″ Conventional Microwave Hood RVMH330SS

The 30″ conventional microwave hood RVMH330SS is a stylish and functional addition to any modern kitchen. It boasts a compact design that measures 16 11/32” (41.5 cm) in overall height and 15 9/32” (38.8 cm) in overall depth, making it a perfect fit for small to medium-sized kitchens.

Technical Specifications

The microwave hood operates on standard electrical requirements of 120VAC/60Hz. It has a maximum amp usage of 1.6kW, consuming approximately 13.0 amps of electricity. This energy-efficient appliance is designed to deliver powerful performance without significantly increasing your electricity bill.

Interior Dimensions and Weight

The oven interior dimensions are quite spacious for a microwave of its size. It has a width of 17 1/8” (43.5 cm), a height of 8 1/16” (20.5 cm), and a depth of 13 13/16” (35.1 cm). The overall size of the oven interior is 1.1 cubic feet. Despite its robust build and spacious interior, the microwave hood is relatively lightweight. The approximate shipping weight is 71 lb. (32.2 kg), which makes it easy to handle during installation and moving.


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