Maytag MFC2062FEZ

Introducing the 36-inch wide counter depth French door refrigerator with a 20 cu. ft. capacity (MFC2062FEZ). This model is designed to fit a cabinet width of 35-5/8 inches and boasts a sleek, textured cabinet finish with a smooth door finish. The refrigerator is detailed with a stainless steel, reach-through handle, and a non-reversible contour door style with a hidden hinge. It measures 70 inches in height, 29-1/2 inches in depth, and 35-5/8 inches in width. The depth is 29-3/8 inches with handles and 24-1/8 inches excluding doors. When the door is open at a 90-degree angle, the depth is 43-1/8 inches. The refrigerator volume is 14.38 cu. ft., and the freezer volume is 5.62 cu. ft.

The refrigerator is equipped with 5 interior shelves, 2 half-width humidity-controlled drawers, LED lighting, and a pantry drawer. The freezer has a pull-out door type and is devoid of shelves. The refrigerator also features an interior water-only dispenser that provides filtered water. The icemaker is factory installed and located in the freezer.

This model is ENERGY STAR® certified and operates at 60 Hz. However, it is not ADA compliant and does not support connectivity features. It uses advanced foam insulation that not only provides 99.9% lower global warming potential but also better energy performance. The refrigerator is also fitted with a produce preserver and a water filter indicator/reset, located in the interior. The water filter part number is Edr4rxd1. This freestanding French door refrigerator offers a modern, streamlined appearance and efficient functionality for your kitchen needs.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Product Overview

Introducing the MFC2062FEZ, a 36-inch wide counter-depth French door refrigerator with a total capacity of 20 cu. ft. This appliance is designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, featuring a textured cabinet finish and smooth door finish. The refrigerator is equipped with contour style doors and a reach-through handle made of stainless steel for a stylish and durable touch. The unit is not equipped with an LCD touchscreen and does not support a reversible door.


The refrigerator measures 70.0 in in height, with the top of the cabinet standing at 68-1/2 in and the top of the door hinge at 70-1/8 in. The width of the cabinet is 35-5/8 in. The depth of the unit varies, with a total depth of 29-1/2 in, a depth excluding doors of 24-1/8 in, and a depth with the door open 90 degrees of 43-1/8 in. The freezer volume is 5.62 cu. ft., while the refrigerator volume is 14.38 cu. ft.

Features and Functionality

This refrigerator is equipped with advanced foam insulation, contributing to 99.9% lower global warming potential and improved energy performance. It is classified under CEE Tier I and is counter-depth with three doors. The refrigerator does not have an air filter indicator/reset, but it does have an automatic defrost feature and a door ajar/open alarm. The refrigerator’s interior features include humidity-controlled drawers, LED lighting, a pantry drawer, and five interior shelves.

Additional Information

The MFC2062FEZ is a freestanding installation type refrigerator. It does not support connectivity features and is not ADA compliant. However, it is ENERGY STAR® certified, indicating its energy efficiency. The refrigerator operates at 60 Hz. The water filter is located in the interior, with the part number Edr4rxd1. The freezer features a pull-out door type, and the icemaker is factory installed in the freezer. The dispenser options include filtered water, and it is an interior water only type.

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