Maytag MGDX655DW

The MGDX655DW is a 7.0 cu. ft. gas dryer equipped with a sanitize cycle. With a capacity of 7.00 cu. ft., this dryer is designed to handle large loads. The dryer’s dimensions are as follows: a depth of 28-1/4 in, a height of 43.0 in, and a width of 29.0 in. When the door is open at a 90-degree angle, the depth extends to 50-3/4 in. The height to the top of the cabinet is 37-3/4 in. This model does not have a flat back configuration. As a gas-powered dryer, it adheres to Prop 65 regulations.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Product Overview

Introducing the 7.0 cu. ft. gas dryer with a sanitize cycle, model MGDX655DW. This dryer is not just a regular home appliance, it’s a high-quality, efficient machine designed to deliver the best drying experience.

Product Dimensions

This model boasts a capacity of 7.00 cu. ft., perfect for handling large loads of laundry. It has a depth of 28-1/4 inches, and when the door is open at a 90-degree angle, it measures 50-3/4 inches. The height of the dryer is 43.0 inches, while the height to the top of the cabinet is 37-3/4 inches. With a width of 29.0 inches, this dryer is compact enough to fit into most laundry rooms without taking up too much space.

Configuration and Overview

The MGDX655DW model has a flat back design which makes it easy to install in any corner of your laundry room. As for the fuel type, it is a gas dryer. It also complies with Proposition 65, ensuring that it is safe for use in your home.

This dryer is designed to provide you with the best drying performance while also ensuring safety and convenience. With its sanitize cycle, you can be assured that your clothes will come out clean and free of any harmful bacteria.

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