Bosch Gas Cooktop 36” NGMP677UC


Bosch Gas Cooktop 36” NGMP677UC

FlameSelect® – allows for a precise adjustment of the flame size with nine defined power levels.

When adjusting the flame, it can be hard to determine the exact heat level you are on. Our new gas cooktops with FlameSelect® eliminates the guesswork. Equipped with nine precisely adjustable power levels, for reliable, repeatable flame regulation and perfect cooking results. Level 1 is perfect for low and gentle simmering perfect for melting chocolate and delicate sauces, and level 9 yields a rolling boil. With this precision, checking the flame height is a thing of the past.

Dual flame power burner with two heat options, quickly boil water or maintain a precise simmer.

Bosch gas cooktops with a dual flame burner provides both intense and gentle flame options and everything in between. Dual flame option, for fast boils and quick sears. Small flame option, for delicate simmers and perfect sauces. So gentle, in fact, that it even melts chocolate or reduces sauces without scorching.

Heavy-duty continuous surface grates can be easily and quickly cleaned in the dishwasher.

With a special enameling process, the heavy-duty continuous surface grates can be easily and quickly cleaned in the dishwasher instead of by hand.

OptiSim® burner offers more flame control at the lowest settings for precise simmering and melting.

Tempered glass cooking surface offers a modern yet timeless appearance and wipes clean easily.