Miele DA2360

The DA 2360 is a meticulously designed product, available in a neutral color, with the option of a RAL color as a special order. Customizations are also possible upon request. The filter system is comprised of a dishwasher-safe stainless steel grease filter, ensuring easy maintenance. The lighting system features LED ClearView lighting, with a light intensity of 350 Lx and a color temperature of 3,000 K.

The technical specifications of the DA 2360 include a canopy width of 23 inches (584 mm), a hood canopy height of 2 1/2 inches (63 mm), and a depth of 11 3/4 inches (297 mm). It’s recommended to be installed at a minimum distance of 24 1/8 inches (610 mm) above electric cooktops, and 26 inches (660 mm) above gas cooktops with a maximum power of 12.6 kW (burner 4.5 kW). The net weight of the product is 25 lbs. (11.0 kg), and it comes with a standard plug fitted and a 4 ft (1.5 m) electrical wire. The total connected load is 0.36 kW, with a voltage of 120 V, a fuse rating of 15 A, and a single phase.

For installation, the vent connection can be made at the top or at the rear, with a vent connection diameter of 6 inches (150 mm). This product is designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen setup while providing efficient and effective ventilation.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Design and Customization

The DA 2360 model is a sleek, modern design that comes in a default no-colour option. However, there is a possibility of ordering in a specific RAL colour as a special order. Furthermore, customization is also possible upon request, providing the flexibility to make the hood fit perfectly into your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Filter System and Lighting

The DA 2360 model is equipped with a filter system that includes one dishwasher-safe stainless steel grease filter. This ensures easy maintenance and durability. In terms of lighting, the hood features LED ClearView lighting, ensuring optimal illumination of your cooking area. The light intensity is 350 Lx and the colour temperature is 3,000 K, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen.

Technical Specifications

The canopy width of the hood is 23 inches (584mm) with a height of 2 1/2 inches (63mm) and a depth of 11 3/4 inches (297mm). The minimum distance required above electric cooktops is 24 1/8 inches (610mm) and above a gas cooktop (max. 12.6 kW total power, burner 4.5 kW) is 26 inches (660mm). The net weight of the hood is 25 lbs. (11.0kg). The hood comes with a standard plug fitted and a length of electrical wire of 4 feet (1.5m). It has a total connected load of 0.36 kW, a voltage of 120V, a fuse rating of 15A, and operates on a single phase.

Installation Notes

The vent connection of the DA 2360 model is at the top and the rear, with a diameter of 6 inches (150mm). These installation notes ensure a smooth fitting process, making it a practical choice for any kitchen.

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