Miele DA1260


Miele DA1260

Brand: Miele

DA 2390 DA 1260



Color Stainless steel

Control panel

Recessed knob controls

Slide switch

Power levels (number excl. Intensive) 3

Intensive setting


Filter system

Dishwasher-safe stainless steel grease filters 2



LED ClearView lighting

Light intensity in Lx 275

Color temperature in K 3,000


Technical data

Canopy width in in.(mm) 23 5/8 (598)

Height of hood canopy in in.(mm) 5 (125)

Depth of hood canopy in in.(mm) 19 3/4 (500)

Minimum distance above electric cooktops in in.(mm) 17 3/4 (450)

Minimum height above gas cooktop (max. 12.6 kW total power, burner 4.5 kW) in mm

25 5/8 (650)

Net weight in lbs. (kg) 25 (11.2)

Length of electrical wire in ft (m) 4 (1.5)

Standard plug fitted

Total connected load in kW 0.29

Voltage in V 120

Fuse rating in A 15

Number of phases 1


Installation notes

Vent connection at top

Diameter of vent connection in in.(mm) 6 (150)

Installation template