Dacor DOC30P977DS

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Dacor DOC30P977DS

The most versatile culinary tool in the kitchen. Multi functional speed in the upper oven combines the power of a microwave and convection technology to enable searing, broiling and even air frying.



W 29 3/4″ | H 43 3/8″ | D 23 1/8″


Steam-Assist Oven

For meats that are juicy on the inside, yet brown and crispy on the outside. Bake artisan bread with a light, fluffy center with a flaky crust.


Convection Speed Oven Versatility

A suite of advanced, pre-programmed cooking modes such as speed-convection and healthy fry.


Dual Four-Part Pure Convection

Superior consistency and zero flavor transfer with Dual 4-Part Pure Convection.  Reduce cooking time by distributing heat evenly across the entire oven.