Dacor HRTP486S/NG

Elevate your culinary experience with our extraordinary cooktop, featuring SimmerSear™ burners that offer exceptional control, from a gentle simmer to a powerful sear. The large, continuous platform grates, coated with porcelain for easy cleaning, allow effortless maneuvering of even the bulkiest cookware. With dimensions of W 47 7/8″, H 7 3/4″, and D 26 15/16″, this cooktop provides one of the most expansive cooking surfaces available. Shifting extra-large pots and pans across the heating surface is a breeze. The cooktop also includes an interchangeable griddle accessory, allowing you to quickly reconfigure the cooking surface without the need to remove the existing grates. The SimmerSear burners are a highlight, offering precise control at ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures for consistently superb results. Whether you’re simmering, searing, sautéing, or melting, you’ll have perfect control every time.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Unleash Your Culinary Passion

Cooking enthusiasts will find their passion ignited by the superb SimmerSear™ burners. These burners are designed with precision, capable of reaching ultra-low temperatures for a truly controlled simmer. Alternatively, they can be cranked up to high heat for a moisture-sealing sear. This flexibility allows for a variety of cooking techniques to be employed, from slow simmering to high-heat searing.

Efficient and Easy to Clean Design

The design of the cooktop allows for easy maneuvering of even the largest cookware. The continuous platform grates, coupled with a porcelain-coated spill basin, facilitate effortless shifting of pots and pans across the heating surface. This design not only enhances cooking efficiency but also makes clean up a breeze.


Product Dimensions

The cooktop measures W 47 7/8″ | H 7 3/4″ | D 26 15/16″, providing ample space for your cooking needs.


Additional Features

The cooktop boasts one of the largest usable cooking surfaces, featuring Extra Wide Continuous Platform Grates. These grates enable easy shifting of extra-large pots and pans across the heating surface.

The cooktop also comes with an Interchangeable Griddle Accessory, allowing for quick reconfiguration of the cooking surface without removing existing cooktop grates.

The SimmerSear Burners offer precise control at ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures, ensuring superb results every time. Whether you need to simmer, sear, sauté, or melt, these burners provide perfect control.

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