Gaggenau Combi-steam oven 30” BS485612

This product features an automatically opening handleless door, fixed inlet and outlet water connections, and a fully automatic cleaning system. The spacious cavity is illuminated by two LED light sources. A 2000 W broil element is neatly tucked behind a glass ceramic, ensuring efficient heat distribution. The oven also includes steam evacuation and misting features. It comes equipped with a three-point core temperature probe that automatically shuts off and estimates cooking time. There are automatic programs, an actual temperature display, and an automatic boiling point detection system. If connected to a GF 111 100 descaling system, a capacity display for the filter cartridge is included. The hygienic cooking interior is made of stainless steel and has three tray levels. The oven can be integrated into home networks for digital services (Home Connect) via a LAN cable connection (recommended) or wirelessly via WiFi. Please note that the availability of Home Connect services varies by country. For more information, visit

Additional Info
Additional Info

Advanced Features and Functionalities

This kitchen appliance comes with a handleless door and automatic door opening mechanism, providing a seamless and effortless user experience. It is equipped with fixed inlet and outlet water connections, making it easy to install and maintain.

One of its key features is the fully automatic cleaning system, which ensures that the appliance remains in pristine condition. It also boasts a large cavity, providing ample space for cooking a variety of dishes. The appliance comes with two LED light sources, which provide excellent illumination, making it easy to monitor the cooking process.

Powerful Performance and Connectivity

This appliance is powered by a 2000 W broil element behind a glass ceramic, ensuring efficient and speedy cooking. It features steam evacuation and misting capabilities, enhancing the cooking process. The three-point core temperature probe with automatic shut-off and estimation of cooking time allows for precise cooking.

This appliance comes with automatic programs that cater to a variety of cooking needs. It displays the actual temperature and detects the boiling point automatically, ensuring optimal cooking conditions. If connected to the GF 111 100 descaling system, it has a capacity display for the filter cartridge.

Built for Convenience

The cooking interior of this appliance is made of hygienic stainless steel and has three tray levels, allowing for versatile cooking options. It can be integrated into your home network for digital services (Home Connect) either via a cable connection LAN (recommended) or wireless via WiFi. However, the use of the Home Connect functionality depends on the Home Connect services, which are not available in every country. For further information, please check:

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