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The UNC15NJII Ice Maker is a 15-inch unit that produces nugget ice. Its approximate dimensions are 33 7/8 inches in height, 14 7/8 inches in width, and 22 3/4 inches in depth. This ice maker has a storage bin capacity of 26 pounds and can produce up to 56 pounds of ice daily. It features an electronic control type and has LED interior lighting. An ice scoop is included and the unit has a clean light indicator. It stands on 4 leveling legs for stability. The ice maker has a customizable appearance, with options for a custom panel and handle or stainless steel. It requires a door accessory and has reversible hinges. The handle can be a custom handle or a stainless steel door. An accessory kit is required for installation. The ice maker can be installed as a built-in or free-standing unit and can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a panel capability of 3/4″ custom panel or accessory door kit. The unit’s approximate shipping weight is 124 pounds, while its net weight is 112 pounds. The depth excluding the panel is 22 inches. The overall height is 33 7/8 inches, the overall width is 14 7/8 inches, and the overall depth is 22 3/4 inches. The power ratings are 110 volts, 60 hertz, and 6.5 amps.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Key Features and Specifications of the 15-inch Nugget Ice Maker UNC15NJII

This ice maker, with its compact dimensions of approximately 33 7/8 in height, 14 7/8 in width, and 22 3/4 in depth, is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen or outdoor space. It’s a versatile 15-inch nugget ice maker model UNC15NJII that can be installed as a built-in or free-standing unit, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The storage bin of this ice maker has a generous capacity of 26 lbs, while its daily ice production is an impressive 56 lbs. It features an electronic control type for ease of use, a handy ice scoop, and LED interior lighting. The leveling system consists of 4 leveling legs, and a clean light for easy maintenance.

Design and Installation

The ice maker comes in a custom panel and handle or stainless steel appearance, depending on your preference. The door swing features reversible hinges for flexibility, and a custom handle or stainless steel door can be chosen. Please note that a door accessory and an accessory kit are required for installation.

Weights, Dimensions, and Power Ratings

The approximate shipping weight of the ice maker is 124 lbs, and the net weight is 112 lbs. Its depth excluding the panel is 22 in, with an overall depth of 22 3/4 in. The overall height and width are 33 7/8 in and 14 7/8 in respectively. The ice maker operates on 110V, 60Hz, and 6.5A.

This ice maker, with its high ice production capacity and versatile installation options, is sure to be a valuable addition to your space.

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