Liebherr CBS-1360

This product is an energy-efficient appliance with a 24-hour energy consumption of 1.315 kWh and an annual energy consumption of 480 kWh. It falls under the SN-T climate class and operates at a noise level of 41 dB. The total net capacity is 12.0 cubic feet, divided into an 8.7 cubic feet refrigerator compartment and a 3.3 cubic feet freezer compartment. The refrigerator includes a BioFresh section of 3.0 cubic feet. The gross capacity totals 13.1 cubic feet, with the refrigerator compartment at 9.3 cubic feet (including a 3.2 cubic feet BioFresh section) and the freezer compartment at 3.8 cubic feet. The product operates at a voltage of 115 V and a frequency of 60 Hz, with a connection rating of 2.0 A and 163 W. The dimensions are 79 9/16 x 23 5/8 x 24 13/16 inches, with a weight of 211.6 pounds without packaging and 233.7 pounds with packaging. The control unit, a Magic Eye with LC and digital temperature display, is located behind the door and operates through touch-electronic controls. It features two individual temperature zones and three temperature displays for the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The appliance includes warning signals for malfunctions and open doors, both optical and acoustical. It also features FrostControl, child proofing, SuperCool, quantity-controlled SuperFrost, and a HolidayMode.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Product Specifications

This product comes with an impressive energy consumption rate of 1.315 kWh per 24 hours, which totals to approximately 480 kWh per year. It falls under the SN-T climate class, ensuring optimal performance under varying temperature conditions. It operates quietly with a noise level of just 41 dB.

The total net capacity of the product is 12.0 cubic feet, which is split into a refrigerator compartment of 8.7 cubic feet and a freezer compartment of 3.3 cubic feet. The BioFresh section, designed for storing fresh produce, occupies 3.0 cubic feet of the refrigerator compartment.

Additional Features

The product operates on a voltage of 115 V and a frequency of 60 Hz, with a connection rating of 2.0 A 163 W. The dimensions of the product are 79 9/16 | 23 5/8 | 24 13/16 inches (H/W/D), and it weighs 211.6 pounds without packaging. With packaging, the dimensions are slightly larger at 82 3/4 | 24 9/16 | 27 15/16 inches, and the weight increases to 233.7 pounds.

The product is equipped with a Magic Eye control unit with LC and digital temperature display, positioned behind the door for easy access. It is operated using a Touch-Electronic system and features two individual temperature zones. The temperature display covers both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Safety and Convenience

In case of any malfunction, the product issues optical and acoustical warning signals. It also comes with the FrostControl feature. Audible warning signals are issued if the refrigerator or freezer compartment doors are left open. The product also includes child proofing, SuperCool, quantity-controlled SuperFrost and HolidayMode features for added safety and convenience.

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