Liebherr CS-1321

This energy-efficient appliance consumes 0.986 kWh every 24 hours, amounting to an annual consumption of 360 kWh. Designed for a range of climates, it operates quietly at a noise level of 42 dB. Its net capacity is 12.7 cubic feet, divided between a 9.4 cubic feet refrigerator compartment and a 3.3 cubic feet freezer compartment. The gross capacity is slightly larger at 13.6 cubic feet, with 9.8 cubic feet for the refrigerator and 3.8 cubic feet for the freezer. The unit operates on a voltage of 115 V and a frequency of 60 Hz, with a connection rating of 2.0 A 163 W. The product dimensions are 79 9/16 inches in height, 23 5/8 inches in width, and 24 13/16 inches in depth. The packaged dimensions are slightly larger, and the weight is 198.40 pounds, increasing to 220.5 pounds when packaged. The appliance features a Magic Eye control with an LC and digital temperature display located behind the door. It operates using Touch-Electronic control and has two individual temperature zones. It also has an optical and acoustical warning signal for malfunctions and an audible door-open warning for both compartments. Additional features include FrostControl, child proofing, SuperCool, and quantity-controlled SuperFrost. It also offers forced air cooling. The SwingLine design door, made from stainless steel with SmartSteel, is complemented by stainless steel side walls. The slimline door handle, also made from stainless steel, includes an integrated opening mechanism.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Key Specifications

The product runs on 115 V ~ voltage and a frequency of 60 Hz. The connection rating stands at 2.0 A 163 W. The daily energy consumption is 0.986 kWh/24h, and the annual energy consumption is approximately 360 kWh/a. The appliance operates within the SN-T climate class and produces a noise level of 42 dB.

The refrigerator offers a net capacity of 12.7 cubic feet, with the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment accounting for 9.4 cubic feet and 3.3 cubic feet respectively. The gross capacity is 13.6 cubic feet, divided into 9.8 cubic feet for the refrigerator compartment and 3.8 cubic feet for the freezer compartment.

Design and Functionality

The appliance has a SwingLine design and is made of stainless steel, including the door and side walls. The door handle is a slimline model made of stainless steel with an integrated opening mechanism. The control unit is located behind the door and is operated via Touch-Electronic. The appliance is equipped with Magic Eye with LC and digital temperature display.

The refrigerator comes with two individual temperature zones and displays temperature for both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It also has a quantity-controlled SuperFrost and forced air cooling features. Safety features include a warning signal for malfunctions and door openings, both optical and acoustical.

Dimensions and Weight

The product dimensions are 79 9/16 | 23 5/8 | 24 13/16 inches (H/W/D). With packaging, the height, width, and depth are 82 3/4 | 24 9/16 | 27 15/16 inches respectively. The weight of the product without packaging is 198.40 pounds, and with packaging, it weighs 220.5 pounds.

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