Liebherr MF-3651

This freezer offers a generous capacity of 18.9 cubic feet (534 liters), ensuring ample storage for all your freezing needs. It features an IceMaker with a fixed water connection, capable of producing 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) of ice cubes every 24 hours. The freezer also includes three FrostSafe drawers, designed to prevent frost from forming on your stored items. The product dimensions are 83 3/4″ high, 35 13/16″ wide, and 24″ deep (212.6 cm high, 90.9 cm wide, and 61 cm deep). The cut-out dimensions are slightly larger at 84″ high, 36″ wide, and 25″ deep (213.4 cm high, 91 cm wide, and 63.5 cm deep), ensuring an easy fit in your kitchen. With a sound rating of just 39 dB(A), this freezer operates quietly, causing minimal disturbance.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Specifications of the Freezer

This freezer boasts an impressive capacity of 18.9 cubic feet (equivalent to 534 liters). This substantial space allows for the storage of a large amount of food items, making it an ideal choice for families or those who prefer to bulk buy and store food.

Additional Features

The freezer is fitted with a fixed water connection IceMaker, capable of producing 3.5 lbs (approximately 1.6 kg) of ice cubes every 24 hours. This feature ensures that you always have a steady supply of ice for your beverages or other needs.

The freezer is designed with 3 FrostSafe drawers. These drawers are designed to significantly reduce the build-up of frost, thus ensuring the longevity of your stored items and maintaining their quality.

Dimensions and Sound Rating

The product dimensions are 83 3/4″ in height, 35 13/16″ in width, and 24″ in depth (equivalent to 212.6 cm, 90.9 cm, and 61 cm respectively). The cut-out dimensions are slightly larger at 84″ in height, 36″ in width, and 25″ in depth (equivalent to 213.4 cm, 91 cm, and 63.5 cm respectively).

This freezer also has a sound rating of 39 dB(A), making it a quiet addition to your home or business. This low noise level ensures that the appliance does not disturb your peace and quiet while it efficiently keeps your food items frozen.

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