Liebherr MW-2400

This product is a high-capacity wine cooler with a total capacity of 11.3 cubic feet (320 liters), capable of holding a maximum of 96 Bordeaux bottles (0.75l). It features 9 shelves, all on telescopic rails, made of durable aluminum and beech material. The Infinity Board and InfinitySwipe electronic control system ensure easy operation, while the three distinct temperature zones can be adjusted from +41°F to +68°F (+5°C to +20°C). The cooler is equipped with visual and acoustic temperature alarms, an InfinityLight interior light, an acoustic door alarm, and a safety thermostat. The activated charcoal filter enhances air purity, and the insulated glass door offers excellent visibility. The door hinges are on the right but can be reversed for convenience. The product dimensions are 83 3/4″ (212.6 cm) in height, 23 3/4″ (60.2 cm) in width, and 24″ (61 cm) in depth. The cut-out dimensions are 84″ (213.4 cm) in height, 24″ (61 cm) in width, and 25″ (63.5 cm) in depth. The net weight of the cooler is 359.3 lbs. (163 kg), and it operates at a voltage of 115V/60Hz. The sound rating is 38 dB(A), ensuring quiet operation.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Product Specifications

This high-quality product has a sound rating of 38 dB(A), ensuring a quiet operation. It has a total capacity of 11.3 cu.ft. (320l), capable of accommodating a maximum of 96 Bordeaux bottles (0.75l). The unit comes with 9 shelves, all on telescopic rails for easy access, made from a combination of aluminum and beech.

The product is equipped with an Infinity Board and is controlled electronically via InfinitySwipe. The temperature range it operates within is +41°F to +68°F (+5°C to +20°C) and it features three distinct temperature zones.

Additional Features and Dimensions

The unit has both visual and acoustic temperature alarms, and an InfinityLight interior light. An acoustic door alarm and safety thermostat are included for added security. The product also features an activated charcoal filter. The door is an insulated glass type, with right, reversible hinges.

The product dimensions are as follows: in inches, it measures 83 3/4″ in height, 23 3/4″ in width, and 24″ in depth. In centimeters, the dimensions are 212.6cm in height, 60.2cm in width, and 61cm in depth. The cut out dimensions are 84″ / 24″ / 25″ in inches and 213.4 / 61 / 63.5 in centimeters. The net weight of the product is 359.3 lbs. (163 kg). The voltage requirement for the unit is 115V/60Hz.

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