Liebherr UPR-513

This product is an energy-efficient refrigerator with a daily energy consumption of 0.561 kWh and an annual consumption of 205 kWh. It falls under the SN-T climate class and operates at a quiet noise level of 37 dB. The net and gross capacity of the refrigerator compartment is 4.4 and 4.8 cubic feet, respectively. The appliance operates at a voltage of 115 V and a frequency of 60 Hz, with a connection rating of 2.3 A. The product dimensions are 32 5/16 – 34 11/16 inches in height, 23 9/16 inches in width, and 21 11/16 inches in depth. The recess measurements are similar, with a minimum depth of 21 11/16 inches. Packaged, the product measures 36 1/2 inches in height, 24 1/4 inches in width, and 24 5/16 inches in depth. The weight of the refrigerator is 96.3 pounds without packaging and 110.0 pounds with packaging. The refrigerator features a Magic Eye control unit with an LC and digital temperature display, located behind the door. The control operation is touch-electronic and it has one individual temperature zone. The temperature display is located in the refrigerator compartment. A visual and audible warning signal alerts when the door is open. The refrigerator also boasts a SuperCool feature.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Energy consumption in 24h          0.561 kWh / 24h

Energy consumption per year     205 kWh/a

Climate class      SN-T

Noise level          37 dB

Net capacity, total            4.4 cubic feet

Refrigerator compartment           4.4 cubic feet

Gross capacity, total        4.8 cubic feet

Refrigerator compartment           4.8 cubic feet

Voltage 115 V ~

Frequency          60 Hz

Connection rating            2.3 A

Product dimensions (H/W/D)      32 5/16 – 34 11/16 | 23 9/16 | 21 11/16 inch

Measurements: height of recess in inches             32 5/16 – 34 11/16 inch

Measurements: width of recess in inches              23 5/8 inch

Measurements: depth of recess (min.) in inches 21 11/16 inch

Height / Width / Depth (with packaging) 36 1/2 | 24 1/4 | 24 5/16 inch

Weight (without packaging)        96.3 pounds

Weight (with packaging)               110.0 pounds

Type of control  Magic Eye with LC and digital temperature display

Position of control unit  behind the door

Control operation            Touch-Electronic

Individual temperature zones    1

Temperature display      Refrigerator compartment

Door open: Warning signal, refrigerator compartment    visual and audible

SuperCool           ✔

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