Miele Washing Machine WXI 860 WCS

The W1 Front-loading washing machine, equipped with TwinDos, IntenseWash, and Miele@home, offers the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort. This machine boasts the QuickIntenseWash feature, providing the fastest way to wash your clothes. It also includes the TwinDos function, which dispenses detergent automatically at the touch of a button. For specific laundry requirements, the machine offers capsule dispensing, allowing you to use portioned capsules. Additionally, this washing machine simplifies the ironing process with its pre-ironing feature. As an added benefit, the W1 Front-loading washing machine is ENERGY STAR® qualified, ensuring energy efficiency.

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Additional Info

Experience Ultimate Cleanliness and Comfort with W1 Front-loading Washing Machine

The W1 front-loading washing machine is a unique blend of modern technology and practicality, offering TwinDos, IntenseWash, and Miele@home features. These advanced features are designed to provide you with the ultimate cleanliness and comfort that you deserve.

Efficient Washing with QuickIntenseWash and TwinDos

The machine boasts of QuickIntenseWash, an innovative feature that offers the fastest way to wash your clothes without compromising the cleaning quality. Additionally, the machine is equipped with TwinDos, an automatic detergent dispensing system. With just a touch of a button, the right amount of detergent is dispensed, ensuring optimal washing results.

Special Laundry Needs and Energy Efficiency

The W1 washing machine also comes with a capsule dispensing feature. This allows for portioned capsules to be used for special laundry needs, providing a tailored washing experience. Moreover, the machine incorporates a pre-ironing feature that simplifies the ironing process, making it a breeze.

The W1 front-loading washing machine is a testament to Miele’s commitment to energy efficiency. It is ENERGY STAR® qualified, reflecting its superior energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Enjoy the ultimate washing experience with the W1 front-loading washing machine.

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