Perlick Column Wine Reserve 24” CR24D-1-4L

The Smart Humidity & Air Filtration system is an advanced technology that consistently monitors humidity levels in the cabinet. If required, it will infuse additional moisture to maintain an optimal humidity level of 60-70%, ensuring the preservation of corks and preventing oxidation. This environmentally friendly system uses R600A Isobutane refrigerant, which is known for its high efficiency and zero ozone depletion, contributing minimally to global warming potential (GWP). The system is controlled by PerliQ, a state-of-the-art digital touchscreen control panel that allows you to manage temperature, humidity, and access all functions with ease.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Smart Humidity & Air Filtration System

Our advanced humidity technology is designed to diligently monitor the humidity levels within the cabinet. If the system detects a drop below the ideal range, it will promptly push additional moisture into the cabinet. This is to ensure that the humidity stays consistently within the 60-70% range. This is crucial for maintaining the quality of the corks and preventing oxidation, which can negatively affect the contents stored within.

Environmentally Conscious Refrigeration

Our refrigeration system utilizes R600A Isobutane, a high-efficiency refrigerant that is also environmentally friendly. This particular refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential and minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP), making it a green choice for those conscious about their environmental footprint.

PerliQ Digital Touchscreen Control Panel

The PerliQ digital touchscreen control panel is a state-of-the-art feature that allows users to control both temperature and humidity. It also provides easy access to all other functions of the system. This user-friendly interface ensures that you can easily adjust the settings to suit your specific needs, offering a seamless user experience.

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