THERMADOR built-in french door bottom freezer 36” T36BT925NS

This product features a full stainless steel inner liner for durability and easy cleaning. Its Freedom® Hinge enables a true flush design, complementing any modern kitchen decor. The auto door opening mechanism allows for effortless access with just a slight push or pull. The ThermaFresh System offers humidity and temperature-controlled drawers, ensuring your food stays fresh for longer. SoftClose® Drawers provide easy and controlled storage, preventing slamming and ensuring a longer lifespan for the unit. The sleek, clean design of this product provides perfect symmetry when paired with additional columns, enhancing the aesthetic of your kitchen. Moreover, the TFT control panel manages all your column functions seamlessly, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Advanced Features for Enhanced Convenience

Our product comes with a Full Stainless Steel Inner Liner. This liner not only enhances the durability of the product, but also adds a sleek, modern aesthetic to your kitchen. Additionally, the Freedom® Hinge enables a true flush design. This feature ensures that the door aligns perfectly with the body of the appliance, creating a seamless look.

Sophisticated Control and Storage

The appliance is also equipped with an Auto Door Opening feature, which allows the door to open with just a slight push or pull. This feature makes accessing your stored items a breeze. For maintaining the freshness of your food, the appliance comes with a ThermaFresh System. This system includes humidity and temperature-controlled drawers that help in preserving the texture and taste of your food.

The appliance also features SoftClose® Drawers for easy and controlled storage. These drawers close softly and silently, preventing any damage caused by slamming. Moreover, the sleek clean design of the appliance provides perfect symmetry when paired with additional columns, enhancing the overall look of your kitchen.

Lastly, the appliance includes a TFT control panel. This panel conveniently manages all your columns’ functions, making it easy for you to control and monitor your appliance. With all these features, this appliance is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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