Thermador Single Wall Oven 30” POD301LW

The Thermador True Convection Ovens, with a generous 4.5 cubic feet of cooking space, are among the largest in their class. These built-in ovens feature stunning metallic gray glass and luxurious stainless steel, complemented by telescopic racks, a multi-point temperature meat probe, and a super-fast pre-heating function. Notably, the inclusion of SoftClose® hinges ensures an ultra-smooth closing, preventing any slamming. The heavy-duty rotisserie, which is removable, can evenly cook roasts and poultry weighing up to 12 pounds on all sides. Additionally, the self-clean mode enables the oven to clean its interior walls and rack supports in as little as 2 hours. The oven’s WiFi smart appliance capabilities, accessible via the Home Connect app, offer personalized control, notifications, and remote diagnostics, enhancing your cooking experience.

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Additional Info

Unparalleled Size and Features

Thermador True Convection Ovens stand out in their class, offering an impressive capacity of 4.5 cubic feet of cooking space. This makes them one of the largest in their category. Not only do they provide ample cooking space, but they also come equipped with telescopic racks and a multi-point temperature meat probe. These features, combined with a super-fast pre-heat function, make our built-in ovens a top choice for cooking enthusiasts.

Luxurious Design and Advanced Technology

Our ovens are beautifully designed with stunning metallic gray glass and luxurious stainless steel. But the beauty isn’t just skin-deep. They also offer advanced features like SoftClose® hinges that prevent slamming and ensure ultra-smooth closing. For those who love to roast, the heavy-duty, removable rotisserie can evenly cook up to 12-pound roasts and poultry on all sides. The self-clean mode cleans interior walls and rack supports in as little as 2 hours, making maintenance a breeze.

  • SoftClose® hinges for smooth, quiet operation
  • Heavy-duty rotisserie for evenly cooked roasts and poultry
  • Self-clean mode for easy maintenance
  • WiFi smart appliance capabilities for personalized control, notifications & remote diagnostics via Home Connect app

With these state-of-the-art features and a luxurious design, Thermador True Convection Ovens redefine the cooking experience.

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