Maytag MVWB765FW

This top-load washer, model MVWB765FW, features a deep fill option and Powerwash® cycle to ensure your clothes come out clean and fresh. With a substantial capacity of 4.7 cubic feet, it’s designed to handle large loads. Its overall dimensions are as follows: a cutout height of 42.0 inches, a depth of 27.0 inches, a height to the top of the cabinet of 37.5 inches, and a width of 27.5 inches. The washer boasts a stainless steel drum material for durability and an agitator wash action for thorough cleaning. It’s equipped with automatic temperature controls and offers 11 different wash cycles for versatility. Please note that this model is not rated by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE Tier) and is not ADA compliant or ENERGY STAR® qualified. It does comply with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety standards and the size is 27 inches. The washer is not subject to California’s Proposition 65 warning requirements.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Overview of the Top Load Washer – 4.7 cu. ft. MVWB765FW

This top load washer comes with an impressive deep fill option and a Powerwash® cycle. It offers a substantial capacity of 4.7 cubic feet, making it a perfect choice for households with high laundry demands.


The washer’s dimensions are carefully designed to fit into your laundry room with ease. It has a cutout height of 42.0 inches and a depth of 27.0 inches. The height to the top of the cabinet is 37-1/2 inches, while the width measures 27-1/2 inches.

Details and Controls

The drum material is made of durable stainless steel and the wash action is powered by an agitator. It also features automatic temperature controls to ensure your clothes are washed under optimal conditions.

Cycles, Configuration, and Certifications

This washer offers 11 different wash cycles, providing flexibility to cater to various fabric types and washing needs. However, it’s worth noting that it’s not rated under the CEE Tier, and it’s not ADA compliant or ENERGY STAR® qualified. The washer is UL certified and has a size of 27 inches.

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