Wolf WGTR102S

The WGTR102S is a two-slice toaster that combines sleek design with practical functionality. With dimensions of 7″ in width, 8 3/8″ in height, and 11 7/8″ in depth, this toaster is compact enough to fit comfortably on your countertop without taking up too much space. Despite its lightweight design of 8.95 pounds, it’s a powerful appliance that operates at a voltage of 120V~ 60 Hz and uses 900W of power. This toaster is perfect for those who want a reliable, high-performing kitchen appliance that doesn’t compromise on style or space.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Introduction to the Two Slice Toaster WGTR102S

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the Two Slice Toaster WGTR102S, a kitchen appliance designed to suit your toasting needs.

Specifications of the Two Slice Toaster WGTR102S

The toaster has a width of 7 inches, making it compact enough to fit neatly on your kitchen counter without taking up too much space. It stands 8 3/8 inches tall, which is an ideal height that allows for easy operation. The depth of this toaster is 11 7/8 inches, providing enough space for toasting your bread slices to perfection.

The Two Slice Toaster WGTR102S weighs in at 8.95 pounds, a weight that ensures stability on your counter during operation. This toaster operates at 120V~ 60 Hz 900W, providing enough power to toast your bread slices evenly and efficiently.

In conclusion, the Two Slice Toaster WGTR102S is a high-quality, efficient kitchen appliance designed to make your breakfast preparation easier and more enjoyable. Its compact and stable design makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen.

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