Zephyr AK7536BS

This product boasts an 18″ body height and is equipped with optional features such as a backsplash with shelves, a recirculating kit (compatible only with a 650 CFM model), a duct cover extension kit, a make-up air kit, and a wireless remote control for added convenience. It incorporates advanced technologies like Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) and the CleanAir function, improving air quality and ventilation efficiency. The halogen lighting provides a clear view while cooking. Furthermore, it comes with professional baffle filters for superior filtration performance.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Key Features of the Product

This product boasts an 18″ body height, providing sufficient space for the smooth and efficient operation of its internal components. It also comes with an optional backsplash that includes shelves, which can be used to store essential items within reach, making your cooking experience more convenient and organized.

Advanced Technology and Optional Add-ons

The product is equipped with Halogen Lighting for clear visibility and Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) to ensure optimal air circulation and ventilation. The CleanAir Function is another noteworthy feature that helps maintain a fresh and healthy environment in your kitchen by effectively eliminating cooking odors.

The product also offers a variety of optional add-ons for enhanced functionality. These include a Recirculating Kit (available for the 650 CFM model only), a Duct Cover Extension Kit, a Make-Up Air Kit, and a Wireless Remote Control for easy operation. Additionally, the product comes with Professional Baffle Filters that help in trapping grease and other particles, keeping your kitchen clean and free from unwanted smells.

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