Zephyr AK7636AS

This product features a Grease Collection Tray for easy maintenance and cleanliness. It boasts LED Lighting for clear visibility and energy efficiency, as well as a PowerWave™ Blower for powerful and efficient operation. The Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) and CleanAir Function ensure optimal air quality and circulation. The Directional Lighting feature enhances visibility, while the Electronic LCD Controls provide easy and intuitive operation. Additionally, this product offers Multiple Blower Options for flexibility in performance. An Optional Duct Cover Extension Kit, Optional Make-Up Air Kit, and Optional Wireless Remote Control are also available for added convenience and functionality. Furthermore, the Professional Baffle Filters contribute to the product’s high performance and durability.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Advanced Features of Our Kitchen Appliances

Our kitchen appliances come with a host of advanced features, all designed to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and efficient. One of the key features is the Grease Collection Tray, which helps to keep your cooking area clean by collecting excess grease.

PowerWave™ Blower and Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™)

The PowerWave™ Blower is another standout feature, providing powerful and consistent airflow to help cook your food evenly. This works in tandem with our Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™), which allows you to adjust the airflow to suit your cooking needs.

Lighting and Control Features

In addition, our appliances come with LED Lighting and Directional Lighting features, ensuring you have ample light to see what you’re doing. The Electronic LCD Controls make it easy to adjust settings, while the Optional Wireless Remote Control offers added convenience.

Additional Options

You can also opt for Multiple Blower Options, an Optional Duct Cover Extension Kit, and an Optional Make-Up Air Kit. The Professional Baffle Filters are designed to capture grease and other particles, helping to keep the air in your kitchen clean. The CleanAir Function is another feature that contributes to maintaining a healthy cooking environment.

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