Zephyr AK9128AS-BF

This product features a depth of 18 1/16 inches, providing a compact yet efficient design. It comes equipped with dual-level lighting that ensures optimal illumination. The halogen lighting further enhances visibility, making your cooking experience more convenient. The unit also includes aluminum mesh filters, which are designed to capture grease and other airborne particles effectively. It is controlled by mechanical slide controls, which are easy to use and provide precise control over the unit’s functions. The product also offers an optional recirculating kit, allowing for flexibility in installation. Furthermore, it supports both vertical and horizontal ducting, accommodating various kitchen layouts and ventilation requirements.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Key Features

The first striking feature of this product is its depth, which measures at 18 1/16″. This generous size provides ample space for its functionality. Another notable feature of this product is its dual-level lighting. This feature ensures that the product is well-illuminated, making it easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting and Filters

The product also boasts of halogen lighting, which provides bright and clear light, enhancing visibility. This feature is particularly useful in low-light conditions. In addition, it comes with aluminum mesh filters. These filters are not only durable but also efficient in trapping and removing airborne particles.

Controls and Customization Options

The product is equipped with mechanical slide controls. These controls are user-friendly and provide an easy way to operate the product. To cater to the diverse needs of consumers, the product comes with an optional recirculating kit. This kit offers the flexibility to choose between vertical or horizontal ducting, depending on the user’s preference or the available space. This customizability makes the product versatile and adaptable to various settings.

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