Zephyr AK9434AS

This product boasts a depth of 22 1/2″, offering ample space for versatile use. It features Dual-Level Lighting and Bloom™ HD LED Light Bulbs to provide bright, energy-efficient illumination. The unit is equipped with Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) and a CleanAir Function to enhance air quality. It also incorporates the DCBL Suppression System® for optimal noise control, ensuring ultra-quiet performance. The product is controlled via an electronic LCD panel, and it comes with a wireless remote control for added convenience. An optional Make-Up Air Kit is available for those who require it. The unit utilizes professional baffle filters for superior filtration. It can accommodate either vertical or horizontal ducting, providing flexibility in installation.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Outstanding Features

The product comes with a depth of 22 1/2 inches, providing ample space for your cooking needs. It also offers dual-level lighting to ensure you have a clear view of your cooking area. The lighting system is equipped with Bloom™ HD LED Light Bulbs, which are known for their high-definition illumination and energy efficiency.

Advanced Technologies

The product features Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™), a cutting-edge system that optimizes the flow of air in your kitchen. The CleanAir Function is another remarkable feature that helps maintain a fresh and healthy environment in your kitchen. The DCBL Suppression System® is designed to reduce noise, ensuring an ultra-quiet performance.

Convenient Controls and Accessories

The product comes with electronic LCD controls that are easy to use and read. It also includes a wireless remote control for added convenience. The optional Make-Up Air Kit is available for those who require additional ventilation. The professional baffle filters are designed to trap grease and other airborne particles, keeping your kitchen clean.

Finally, the product offers the flexibility of vertical or horizontal ducting, catering to different kitchen layouts and needs.

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