Zephyr ZAN-M90CS

The Dual-Level Lighting system provides versatile illumination options, while the Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) offers efficient ventilation control. The unit comes with Aluminum Mesh Filters that effectively trap airborne particles, ensuring a cleaner cooking environment. The BriteStrip™ LED Lighting feature provides energy-efficient, bright lighting to enhance visibility. The ICON Touch® Controls allow for easy operation and precise control of the fan speed and lighting. The low-profile body design ensures the unit fits seamlessly into any kitchen layout. In addition, there are optional kits available for purchase: a Recirculating Kit for those who prefer ductless operation, a Duct Cover Extension Kit for accommodating higher ceiling heights, and a Make-Up Air Kit to ensure proper ventilation and air balance in your kitchen.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Advanced Features of the Kitchen Range Hood

The kitchen range hood comes equipped with a plethora of innovative features that are designed to enhance your cooking experience. The first of these is the Dual-Level Lighting. This feature offers varying levels of illumination, providing the perfect lighting conditions for your cooking needs.

Enhanced Airflow and Lighting

Another impressive feature is the Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™). This technology allows for optimal control of the airflow, ensuring that your kitchen remains fresh and free of unwanted odors. The hood also includes Aluminum Mesh Filters which are highly efficient in trapping grease and other particles.

Touch Controls and Aesthetic Appeal

For added convenience, the range hood features BriteStrip™ LED Lighting. This provides ample light, making it easier for you to see what you’re cooking. The ICON Touch® Controls are another notable feature. These touch-sensitive controls add a modern touch to the hood, making it easy to adjust settings as needed.

The range hood is designed with a Low-Profile Body that adds to its sleek and modern aesthetic. Additionally, there are optional enhancements available such as the Recirculating Kit, Duct Cover Extension Kit, and the Make-Up Air Kit. These optional kits can further enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the range hood, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

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