Zephyr ZSI-E36BS

This product features Dual-Level Lighting for versatile illumination, and employs Airflow Control Technology (ACT™) for efficient ventilation. It is equipped with BriteStrip™ LED Lighting, providing superior brightness and energy efficiency. The unit is also fitted with Hybrid Baffle Filters to effectively capture grease and other airborne particles. The advanced ICON Touch® Controls allow easy operation and precise control of the system. For added flexibility, optional kits are available for purchase. These include a Recirculating Kit for ductless operation, a Duct Cover Extension Kit for higher ceilings, and a Make-Up Air Kit to ensure proper ventilation and air balance within your home.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Efficient Dual-Level Lighting System

Our product comes with an efficient dual-level lighting system. This feature ensures that you have the right amount of light for every cooking situation. Whether you’re preparing a late-night snack or cooking a full course meal, our dual-level lighting system will provide you with the perfect illumination.

Advanced Airflow Control Technology (ACT)

The Airflow Control Technology (ACT) is another key feature of our product. This innovative technology allows you to control the airflow in your kitchen, ensuring a fresh and pleasant cooking environment. No matter how intense your cooking activity might be, ACT will keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh.

Superior BriteStrip LED Lighting and Hybrid Baffle Filters

Our product also features BriteStrip LED lighting. This energy-efficient lighting solution provides bright and clear light, enhancing your cooking experience. In addition, our hybrid baffle filters ensure efficient filtration of airborne grease and other particles, keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic.

Additional Features for Enhanced Comfort

For maximum convenience and customization, our product comes with ICON Touch Controls, an optional recirculating kit, an optional duct cover extension kit, and an optional make-up air kit. These additional features are designed to enhance your comfort and convenience in the kitchen. With these features, you can customize the functionality of your kitchen to suit your specific needs.

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