Zephyr ZVO-M90AG

Experience the superior functionality of our dual-level lighting system, equipped with Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs for optimal illumination. The Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) ensures efficient ventilation, while the aluminum mesh filters contribute to maintaining a clean and fresh environment. Our product also features a CleanAir function for improved air quality and a DCBL Suppression System® for noise reduction, providing an ultra-quiet performance. You can easily manage these features with the electronic LCD controls. The LED accent lighting adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. This product also offers optional add-ons for enhanced performance: a recirculating kit for those who prefer ductless operation, a duct cover extension kit for higher ceilings, a make-up air kit to comply with local building codes, and a wireless remote control for convenience.

Additional Info
Additional Info

Superior Lighting and Airflow Control

Our products are equipped with Bloom™ HD LED Light Bulbs, offering dual-level lighting. This advanced lighting system ensures optimal visibility while cooking. Alongside this, our Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) provides efficient air circulation, eliminating any unwanted smoke or odors.

High-Quality Filters and CleanAir Function

Our appliances are fitted with Aluminum Mesh Filters that guarantee effective filtration of airborne particles. In addition, the CleanAir Function aids in maintaining a fresh and healthy environment in your kitchen.

Advanced Suppression System and User-Friendly Controls

The DCBL Suppression System® is one of our finest features, designed to reduce noise while ensuring powerful performance. Coupled with Electronic LCD Controls, operating your kitchen appliance becomes a breeze. The controls are intuitive and user-friendly, making the cooking process more enjoyable.

Additional Features and Optional Accessories

Our products also include LED Accent Lighting to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen space. We offer an Optional Recirculating Kit, Optional Duct Cover Extension Kit, and an Optional Make-Up Air Kit for added convenience. Furthermore, you can opt for our Optional Wireless Remote Control for easy operation. With our appliances, you can enjoy ultra-quiet performance, making your kitchen a peaceful and efficient workspace.

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